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Portable Vision Board

I love vision boards and sometimes I forget to keep one active, alive and up-to-date in my life. I started a new one on a cork bulletin board I had taken down when I painted the room it was in yesterday. The brainstorm was to use it as a portable vision board. I made affirmations on my computer on colorful paper, cut out pictures from a couple of magazines and put up some inspiring items to uplift me and elevate my consciousness. I can move it to my office area and then to my sleeping area. When I look around there will be something meaningful for my brain to take in for a more positive and fulfilling life. Tomorrow I will find some more photos to make it even more colorful and pleasing to look at. Perfect for those day-dreaming moments when I am looking a blank wall or something unmeaningful to me. Now I can let my brain start to manifest those things I value and desire. I will keep it up for a few months then take the things off it and put them in a big envelop and put it somewhere hidden from my sight. I will date the envelop and months from then I will find it and see the results. Oh, I almost forgot, at the bottom I will write "This or something better!". Let go and allow. I have had success with this in the past. I am grateful for my enriched life.

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