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Healing Sessions are only done by Zoom or phone. Text of email for a date and time. 

Patricia Price is semi-retired and writing books about Healing Modalities. See Amazon and the Lily Dale Assembly Book Store for more information. 

Healing Sessions

All healing sessions are booked for clients who have already had sessions or new clients that have been referred by clients that have had sessions 
Call Patricia for dates and times

(716) 595-3008
20 minute phone or zoom session  $80  

90 minute phone or zoom session $350 
90 minute in-person session $550

Payments accepted:

PayPal ,

Venmo use ......Priceless555,

check or money order use PO Box 215, Lily Dale, NY. 14752. 

Past-Life Regression

Regression is designed to put a new non-stressful context to an old event or situation that is held in a stressful context. Elimination of the past tension often results in improvement in the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Either a hypnotherapy approach can be used or a simpler guided meditation approach can be used. Both can be equally as effective depending on your preference. Two hours is required for this session, 90 minutes in session and 30 minutes to return from deep relaxation. Schedule 2 hours and the charge will be  $350 by zoom. In-person sessions can be arranged for $550. 

Past-Life Reading

Book this session by phone or in-person. Elimination of the past tension often results in improvement in the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Either $80 or $350.

Dream Interpretation

Patricia will help you differentiate between dreams that are messages from you Highest Self, past-life memories and visitations. She has taught dream interpretation for many year and assisted others in unlocking the meaning of dreams to help  her clients live better lives. Patricia reminds you that even the most complicated , bizarre and frightening dream are there for your healing. These sessions are only available by phone and require at least two 20 minute sessions at least one day apart. $80 for each 20 minute session. One 20 minute session is you telling Patricia about your dream in detail. The second session will be Patricia talking with you about the meaning of your dream for you in this life to help your life be better for you and those around you.  


Spiritual Healing

Patricia offers church-style spiritual healing. 20 minute sessions to start and longer if you prefer. $80 or $350.

​The Noble Five Breathwork

If you feel that you have potential happiness, health, success or prosperity that is blocked and you are looking for an easy, gentle and loving way to unblock it, then NFB is for you. NFB is a learned skill that is highly effective, and easy to learn. It is a self-development technique that enables you to reconcile and make peace with the most troubling emotions, thereby increasing your potential effectiveness and peace of mind. Patricia can teach you exactly how the process works and how to use it for yourself in independent sessions. Through the practiced use of special breathing rhythms, complete relaxation, and naturally heightened awareness, you can unblock energy patterns that have been previously suppressed (consciously or unconsciously). This means that these energy patterns and emotions no longer sap your productive energy, govern your behavior uncontrollably or limit your enjoyment of life. Experience NFB for yourself and know your full potential of happiness, health, success and prosperity. These sessions are by phone only at this time and require 2 hours and you will be charged the 90 minute price of $350. 

  • Patricia is the author of the book, The Noble Five Breathwork. Click here to order

  • Patricia also offers a CD that guides you through a 20 minute The Noble Five Breathwork session. Click here to order



Personal Energy Clearing

Patricia can do this session by phone or Zoom. She will facilitate an energy clearing that will raise the vibration and assist you in letting go of any unwanted lower vibration psychic attacks, repetitive negative drama, attachments, curses, hauntings and other negativities.  This process is done so that no bad Karma is created for you or others. The Akashic Records will be accessed. We will work with your Soul Group Path chosen at birth and ask your Guardian Angel to assist.  Patricia will test your chakras for imbalances and adjust each one into balance. You will be asked to relax in the presence of the Highest and Best and allow the clearing and balancing to take place. Other exercises will be done to assure a complete clearing. Materials will be sent to you through your email. These materials will be used during your session. One 90 minute sessions is required and additional work is required for 40 days to insure lifetime success. Written materials will be sent to you to prepare for the 90 minute session with Patricia. $350. A shortened version is available for $80 and is 20 minutes.


Patricia is a Reiki Master with the Usui tradition and legacy of healing. She will use the Reiki energy given to her in three attunements to bring the legion of angels to work with you for healing. Twenty minutes by phone is suggested for this healing. $80.

Absent Prayer Healing

Patricia will place your name or the names of your loved ones on her absent healing list. She will pray and hold these people in the light of healing for 30 days. Leave these names on her phone as a text message or voicemail at (716) 595-3008 or email at There is a love donation for this prayer. If you wish you can mail a love offering to the Patricia Price Healing Ministry at PO Box 215, Lily Dale, NY 14752 or Paypal to (716) 595-3008. Ask in prayer for the amount of the love donation that you will give.

House Clearing


Clear negative energy and entities of all kinds. Patricia can do this work by phone or zoom. Call and talk to Patricia for more details. Two sessions are required. Talk to Patricia by phone ( 716) 595 -3008. One 20 minute sessions is required to receive instructions and one other session is required to do the work for $80. Patricia will guide you through another 20 minute session for you to be self-directed for $80 or she will lead you through a 90 minute session for $350  where she will direct the clearing. 

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