Blog 08/06/17

This Thursday, August 10, at 830pm at the Lily Dale Healing Temple, “ Home Circle/ Class”, $10. Join us for lots of fun and learning together. Every Thursday, until Labor Day when the Lily Dale Season ends.

The full moon always brings me “greater awareness” energy. I am so aware of manifesting my highest good today. Thoughts of better communication for my clients and students have manifested into this new blog, a better newsletter, better social media connections and email communication that reaches all who wish to hear from me on a regular basis. My thoughts have become things, as they say. I am so grateful for my Highest Guidance bringing a person to me that can help my dreams come true.

Ernest Holmes in his book , The Science of Mind, writes on page 305, “ My thought, which is my key to life, opens all doors for me. “ Also, he writes, “ When we expect the Law not to work, and it doesn’t, it’s really working very well. “ How true. I am expecting all good. Thinking all good. Dreaming all good. If you do not have a dream, you can not have a dream come true. I invite you to think and dream with me. I am expecting miracles, all-good, perfect health, outrageous joy, unconditional love, wonder-filled adventures, abundant money, peace for the planet, higher consciousness and so many other wonderful thoughts that are real for a Heaven on Earth, now.

Blessings abundant,

Patricia Price

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