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Trilogy Institute

Welcome!  Pursing spiritual unfoldment higher learning is a very personal choice on your path to personal growth, self-development and spiritual awareness.  The Trilogy Institute’s home study courses are designed to meet the student where they are at on their unique path with guidance and support.  There are no definitive timelines to complete the course work as we know spiritual unfoldment occurs at your pace, and in Divine right timing.  The private study courses are designed to be completed in one week through one-on-one teaching or in small groups.  Whether you are called to work in service with Spirit or are interested in personal intuitive and spiritual awareness, our programs will serve your development well.


Patricia Price, registered medium and resident of Lily Dale founded the Trilogy Institute more than 35 years ago to provide spiritual unfoldment classes that are affordable and accessible to everyone around the world.  Patricia has dedicated her life to both learning and service to Spirit, knowing personal and spiritual development is never done.  She has been teaching various spiritual unfoldment courses and classes in Lily Dale, the United States and abroad, sharing her joy for this work for more than 50 years.  All courses have been written and designed by her, and she continues to co-teach, today.


What to know before you chose to pursue a course:


All courses must be applied for, and acceptance acknowledged before payment is to be made.


All home study courses are non-returnable and non-refundable.


All in-person, private study courses are guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied within the first hour, you may request a full refund and leave all materials in the classroom


Each course is monitored by a certified faculty member of the Trilogy Institute.

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