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Beat Your Depression in Nine Steps or Less

We are passed the Winter Solstice so the daylight hours are getting longer. We are passed the holidays so there is less stress. We are well into the New Year so we are well on our way to manifesting our goals and dreams for the year ahead. Spring will arrive in Divine Right Timing and meanwhile here we are.

It seems no difference to my mood if I am in California or New York State. I need to take good care of myself consistently and process my emotions to keep a healthy emotional life. If I am not mindful with a capital M, I can find the day depressing and gloomy sun or not.

Over the years, I have used the Transformational Breathwork that I teach and write about for so many benefits, including processing emotions that may have otherwise turned into depression. Other things I use on a regular basis are these techniques including: car screaming, pillow punching, deep breathing, fire-breath, exercising and water in the form of showering, bathing, swimming or water balloon fights with friends or family.

The photo that I have included shows the soup can that I used my old-fashioned can opener to put triangular holes around the bottom for ventilation. I know this is sacred geometry and I used nine holes because in numerology, nine is the number of completion and letting go. Nine is a very powerful number for so many reasons. One of my most favorite and effective techniques is journaling. I write extremely honest and expressive words to get it out and reveal my inner most and deep emotions. After I have written until it feels good I ask that the words be transmuted to the Highest level of consciousness through the fire. The paper in the sacred silver soup can and then I watch the paper burn and thank the angels of fire for the release and transformation.

I cannot forget that depression is completely squelched in the presents of genuine laughter or sometimes even faking it until you make it laughter. I go out and finding funny people, funny videos, funny YouTube sessions, funny movies and laughing, laughing, laughing especially at myself as a Divine soul having a human experience. They say it is the best medicine.

Remember these natural techniques are effective and relatively free. It takes you making a choice to be free of depression. Some of my friends and clients say “but, Patricia, it is chemical, my brain is filled with these depression chemicals. “ Yes, I know and the techniques I have just written about have been scientifically proven to create happy chemicals in your brain to negate the depression chemicals.

My prayer is “ May all creatures on this planet be happy”. Abundant Blessings of happiness to you.

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