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Patricia L. Price

Patricia L. Price



Patricia L. Price has lived in Lily Dale over 40 years and first came to the grounds more than 50 years ago as a visitor.


She is semi-retired and moved to a small village and serene Lakeview home near Lily Dale, where she can do more writing. Her books are available on 

She is a psychic medium, healer and minister. The Trilogy Institute is the school that she founded to teach mediumship, spiritual healing,  ministerial studies.


Soul Groups
Past Lives
Spirit Guides
Future Patterns

Patricia Price is a professional consultant and seminar leader. She has a Master's Degree from the State University of New York, as well as certificates in healing techniques from Jim Leonard, Phil Laut, Dr. D. Versandaal, Barbara Hampson, Paul Aurant, Steven LaVelle, Connie Newton and Margaret Kean. She is a Spiritual Consultant, Healer and Minister with the Church of the Living Spirit at Lily Dale, NY in Lily Dale, NY. She helped found the Church of the Living Spiritual and later founded her own church, The City of Light Spiritualist Church.  Patricia was a resident of Lily Dale for over 40 years and a life-member of the Lily Dale Assembly. Patricia has traveled internationally offering healing sessions, doing readings, giving seminars and lectures, including Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland and Peru. She has helped thousands of people, teaching them how to reach their goals as individuals and/or professionals.


Upcoming Events & Workshops

Universal Spiritual Circle

7:30pm - 9pm

Meeting on Zoom and FaceBook Live. See details on Facebook and my Newsletter here on my website. Love donation only to help Patricia continue her work. 

Transformational Breathwork Guided Practice

6pm - 7pm

Meeting on Zoom and FaceBook Live. See details on FaceBook and my Newsletter here on my website. Love donation only to help Patricia continue her work. 

Patricia will only be doing readings

for her clients that are regular established clients that she has

read for in the past.


Please call her for a date and time if you are a regular established client. 

An intuitive consultation with Patricia may include:

  • Aura color evaluation

  • Questions and answers

  • Past-Life in relationship to this life

  • Spirit Guide introduction

  • Guardian Angel introduction

  • Birth plan for this life

  • Spirit Communication

  • Trends, opportunities & patterns for the Future

  • How to help and understand your relationships

  • Career Trends

  • Financial Opportunities

  • Progress on Your Spiritual Path

A healing session with Patricia




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