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Patricia L. Price

Patricia L. Price


Patricia L. Price has lived in Lily Dale over 38 years and first came to the grounds more than 48 years ago as a visitor.


She is a registered medium, healer and minister. The Trilogy Institute is the school that she founded to teach mediumship, spiritual healing,  ministerial studies.


Patricia is an active member of the community and loves her home and friends in “The Dale”.


Aura Colors
Spirit Communication
Soul Groups
Past Lives
Spirit Guides
Future Patterns

Patricia Price is a professional consultant and seminar leader. She has a Master's Degree from the State University of New York, as well as certificates in healing techniques from Jim Leonard, Phil Laut, Dr. D. Versandaal, Barbara Hampson, Paul Aurant, Steven LaVelle and Margaret Kean. She is a certified Medium with the Church of the Living Spirit at Lily Dale, NY and City of Light Spiritualist Church in Cassadaga, NY. She is a certified spiritual healer with both churches. Patricia is a resident of Lily Dale and a life-member of the Lily Dale Assembly. Patricia travels internationally offering healing sessions, giving seminars and lectures. She has helped thousands of people, teaching them how to reach their goals as individuals and/or professionals.

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Upcoming Events & Workshops

City of Light Spiritualist Church Service

October 27, 2019


City of Light Spiritualist Church Service in the Lily Dale Fire Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend, even your pets for Pet Healing. Rev Patricia Price, foundational pastor. Rev Joanne Copley-Nigro, assistant pastor. This service is held the last Sunday of every month through October.

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An intuitive consultation with Patricia may include:

  • Aura color evaluation

  • Questions and answers

  • Past-Life in relationship to this life

  • Spirit Guide introduction

  • Guardian Angel introduction

  • Birth plan for this life

  • Spirit Communication

  • Trends, opportunities & patterns for the Future

  • How to help and understand your relationships

  • Career Trends

  • Financial Opportunities

  • Progress on Your Spiritual Path

A healing session with Patricia




Lily Dale: The Major Vortexes
Transformational Breathwork (Book)
Transformational Breathwork (CD)
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