News and Events

2022 Readings by Patricia Price

In-person readings on Sundays by special arrangement made with Patricia

between May 15 and October 15. $550 for 90 min. Email


See the Readings page of this website for details phone and Zoom reading. Dates and prices are listed there that are available. 

2022 and 2023 Zoom Circles Online

Circles sponsored by the Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle

7pm Zoom from My home and broadcast on Facebook Live

Once a Month 

Join us for a Universal Spiritual Circle! Dates. 

Next circle will be September 22, 2022 at 7pm. 


Find it live on Patricia Price's Facebook Page,

No fee. Love donations are gratefully accepted to continue this work.

see the donate button on the home page. Thank you.  

2022 and 2023 Mediumship Class Online for Home Study Students of the Trilogy Institute


Dates to be announced for the new Fall Season.   


This monthly class is for active or past students of the Trilogy Institute Home Study Mediumship Course only.  Enhance your intuitive linking ability, spiritual unfoldment and practice.

If you are not a student yet see the courses here on my website and sign up today. It is a wonderful time to get started and join us. 


Planning for the 2023 Season!

Ministerial Weekend in Cassadaga and Lily Dale, NY  


Saturday June 24, 2023 Ministerial Introduction Dinner at the Windjammer Restaurant in Dunkirk, NY. 7pm, Ministerial Students and Graduates, their family and friends. 


Sunday June 25, 2PM Ordination for new Ministers for Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle, an interfaith Organization and the Spiritualist Church of the Free Thinkers from Pittsburg, PA. 

This will take place at the Middle Cassadaga Lake Vortex. 

Sunday June 25, 5pm ' Kick-Off the Lily Dale Season Picnic" at the Picnic Pavilion

in Lily Dale


Sunday Ordination Ceremonies

“Ordination for the Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle”

Interfaith Spiritual Organization on the Middle Lake Vortex. For those who have completed the Ministerial Training Home Study Course.

“Ordination for the Spiritualist Church of the Free-Thinkers of Pittsburg, PA”

For those who have completed the Trilogy Institute Ministerial Training Home Study Course as well as the membership requirements and the additional study for the church.


Summer Solstice Ceremony  Wednesday, June 21, 2023   7pm

“Summer Solstice Celebration at the Inspirational Stump”, Lily Dale, NY. 

Bring a story, a quote, a song, a poem, a drum, a rattle, any form of inspiration to share with us. Sponsored by Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle. Facilitated by Rev. Patricia Price. No fee to enter the Lily Dale grounds and no fee for the ceremony. Donations gratefully accepted to the Lily Dale Assembly.  

Mediumship Certification Weekend in July or August

Dates will be announced later this year. 

Please contact Patricia for more information.

Mediumship Certification Extended Weekend

Cassadaga with daily field trips to Lily Dale. “Mediumship Certification for the Trilogy Institute”, for those who have successfully completed ILM One, ILM Two and Mediumship 12 Lessons.

 Service Online for the Universal Spiritual Circle

See the monthly Circles above...