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Training Course

Intuitive Linking is the learned mental skill of using the right-side of your brain and increasing your awareness, power, and productivity. Intuitive Linking is a fine tuning of your inner senses. It is an easy-to-learn self awareness technique that enables individuals to increase their personal effectiveness and peace of mind. Patricia and her assistant teachers can teach you exactly how the process works, and how to use it for yourself.  

Through the practiced use of concentration, special breathing rhythms, complete relaxation and naturally heightened awareness, you can work with both sides of the brain in perfect integration, accessing energy patterns and perceptions that you had previously ignored - consciously or unconsciously. This means you no longer need to limit the full potential of your life.

Intuitive Linking Method
A Self-Awareness Experience in Mediumship/Psychic Development


3 Course Options For This Certification



  • A student can purchase each part of the Home Study Course separately (Part One, Part Two, Part Three called Mediumship 12 Lessons and Part Four called Advanced Evidential Mediumship and The Certification Weekend). All materials included per each course. Prices vary per course (plus tax if in NY & $15 shipping for each course). 

  • A student can purchase the entire Home Study Course at once and finish it on their own with coaching from Patricia, if desired. All materials included. The total investment for all 4 parts is $1696 (plus tax if in NY & $25 shipping) After the purchase of the entire course, students are invited to two optional once-a-month classes: a Thursday evening “Mediumship Class” (Love donations appreciated)and a Saturday afternoon “Progressive Mediumship Class”(Love donations appreciated). The Trilogy Institute will also set you up with once a month, ten-minute practice readings, this is optional.

  • A student can purchase parts of the course separately:
    Part One = $299
    Part Two = $299
    Part Three = $499
    Part Four = $599
    All students will be invited to an optional once-a-month “Mediumship Class” on Zoomat no extra cost (Love donations appreciated). After the purchase of Part Three, the student will be invited to the “Progressive Mediumship Class” on Zoom on Saturdays, once a month at no extra cost (Love donations appreciated). After the purchase of Part Three,


  • A student can purchase the entire Private Study Course which consists of a one week private study with Patricia at Cassadaga and Lily Dale. All materials included. The total investment is $5000. Only available in August.

  • Graduates of the Certified Mediumship Course are invited to the two Zoom classes (Love donations appreciated) and we will continue to provide you with practice readings once a month if you would like. Also, graduates are always welcome to attend the banquet on the Friday evening of the Certification Weekend.

  • Everyone is invited to the once a month Thursday “Universal Spiritual Circle” once a month on Thursday evenings right after the “Mediumship Class”. Part of the circle is open for message work and it is in the traditional format of home circles, the way all the past generations of mediums developed their mediumship with friends and family members. Patricia has sat in and lead these circles for over fifty years and has written the book, Your Universal Spiritual Circle. She will give you this book as a gift if you email her and ask for the book at or order your paperback copy on Amazon a HERE. Join us for an evening of fun and evolution into Higher Consciousness.

Certification Programs must be applied for in advance and each course monitored by a certified faculty member of the Trilogy Institute.

Students must apply and be accepted to each program.


All courses are non-returnable and non-refundable.


Learn to use your intuitive abilities to unfold your higher self. Everyone has these abilities but few understand how they can be used to improve the quality of life.

Part 1 - Home Study - Spiritual Unfoldment

These classes will explore:

  • Meditation

  • Concentration

  • Visualization & Auras

  • Vibration awareness

  • Telepathy

  • Higher self-awareness

  • Psychometry

  • Dowsing & pendulums

  • Multi-dimensional awareness

  • Automatic writing

  • Inspirational writing

  • Symbolism, color, numerology

Training includes:
3 CDs and Workbook - Practical Tools to Develop your Intuitive Abilities.

The Certification Weekend will be offered in-person in Lily Dale.

$299 (plus tax if in NYS and $15 shipping in the USA)

Part 2 - Home Study - Spiritual Self-Awareness 

This class is designed for experiencing and using those skills that were presented in Intuitive Linking Method Part I. Guided exercises are used to take you step-by-step into an awareness of your True-self and your intuitive abilities. Patricia has been given several techniques that will accelerate your ability to use your intuition to unfold your highest potential. Learn to help yourself and others to improve the quality of all life on this planet. You will be surprised by your abilities.​


Training includes:
4 CDs and Workbook - Practical Tools to Develop your Intuitive Abilities.

The Certification Weekend will be offered in-person in Lily Dale.

$299 (plus tax if in NYS and $15 shipping in the USA)


Part 3 - Home Study - Mediumship: 12 Lessons



12 Lessons is successfully completed with a reading arranged by your teacher. This reading must have at least one evidence of a deceased loved one for a client unknown to the student. The teacher will evaluate the reading on the basis of the evaluation form included in he course and decide if the student is ready to continue. The teacher will allow the student to continue when all the criteria of the evaluation form (uplifting, positive, helpful) are successfully completed in one phone reading.


Topics Covered:

  • Mediumship's three components

  • Reading vs. Message

  • Charging money for readings

  • Reasons not to charge money for a reading

  • Seven written sources of information on Mediumship

  • Messages for one's self

  • Physical death messages

  • Two categories of Mediumship

  • Mental Mediumship: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustance, and Clairscent

  • Light trance

  • Inspirational speaking

  • Prophecy

  • Psychometry (energy forms, readable patterns)

  • Inspirational Writing

  • Electro-mortal or Magnetic healing

  • Spiritual healing

  • Readings can be Healings

  • Rescue of Lost and Ignorant Souls

  • Earthbound Spirits

  • Physical Mediumship

  • Full-Trance Automatic Speaking

  • Full-Trance Automatic Writing

  • Full trance dangers and how to avoid them

  • Raps and Table-tipping

  • Transfiguaration and Etherialization

  • Independent or Direct Voice with trumpet

  • Independent or Direct voice without trumpet

  • Materialization

  • Apports

  • kundalini

  • poltergeist

  • Law of Vibration and Mediumship

  • Law of Cause and Effect

  • Karma and Mediumship

  • Law of Creative Reality and Mediumship

  • Law of Attraction and Mediumship

  • Thought Forms

  • Mind or Brain

  • Aura

  • Colors in the aura

  • scripture references to Mediumship

  • Spirituality and Mediumship

  • Interpretation of Messages

  • Development circle-Home Circle

  • Spirit Helpers

  • Trinity of Humankind

  • Origin of the soul and the concept of its eternal nature

  • Anapana

  • breathwork

  • Silent meditation

  • Color meditation

  • Chakra meditation

  • Body chemistry changes for focus and unfoldment

  • Third-eye concentration

  • Chanting to focus mind on sound vibration of high quality,

  • Toning helps to focus the mind to high quality

  • Prayer helps to focus mind on vibration of high quality

  • Guidance from your guides in spirit

  • Your spirit band

  • Seven-Step Manifestation

  • Mastering of the body

  • Attitudes for effective spiritual growth

  • Mediumship is beyond psychic development

  • Meditation: Endocrine glands and mediumship development

  • Chakras

  • Symbolic color of spectrum and positive attribute energies

  • Affirmation exercises for Mediumship

  • Stand-up Mediumship

  • being the Mediumship in development circles

  • Mini-readings

  • and much more.


The Certification Weekend will be offered in-person in Lily Dale.

$499 (plus tax if in NYS and $15 shipping in the USA)


This course is offered in the manual "Mediumship: 12 Lessons" with questions, answers and exercise to develop your Mediumship.


Part 4 - Home Study - Advanced Evidential Mediumship and the  Certification Weekend (Three Days)

Certification Weekend Dates | To be announced!

Part 4 includes a workbook with exercises to sharpen your evidential Mediumship. It will be supported by practice readings with evaluations and support once a week for a month, if you would like. The monthly Zoom classes will also enhance your work in this part of the course.

Mediumship Certification Weekend

Cassadaga with daily field trips to Lily Dale “Mediumship Certification for the Trilogy Institute”, for those who have successfully completed ILM One, ILM Two and Mediumship 12 Lessons. If you have completed all three courses, contact us to reserve your seat. Meet Friday afternoon with Rena Cohen in Mother's Garden across from Forest Temple for registration , for 4:00pm Forest Temple, 5:30pm Inspiration Stump, and then at 7pm meet at the Stockton Hotel, a table will be reserved for us.  Detailed times of the weekend will be sent to you in your pre-weekend package.  Once the 2021 dates are announced, you must contact Patricia or Rena by June 15 to attend this class. Space is limited to 10 Students.

  • Teacher's approval to continue based on open book written and phone reading tests. You must register 8 weeks in advance for this weekend seminar.

  • Test and pre-registration must be ordered at least three weeks before the Advanced Mediumship Weekend.

  • This Mediumship Certification Program can be part of a Mediumship Certification through the Trilogy Institute, City of Light Spiritualist Church and/or the Church of the Living Spirit.

Weekend certification Workshop, Testing, and Graduation in July of each year
This program is available to those who have successfully completed both ILM I, ILM II and Mediumship 12 Lessons. Your completed lessons for all three home study courses must be brought to the weekend seminar. It is an intensive program, including advanced techniques in spiritual attunement and intuitive perceptions. Practical experience and evaluation are part of this class. After an individual conference, Patricia reserves the right to postpone any participant's continuation. A one-hour written test and two full readings, for people unknown to the participant, are required for certification. 100% mastery is required for graduation. Personal growth and/or certification can be the results for you.

  • Accelerated skills

  • The 12 Keys to easy, quality work

  • Opening and closing the channel

  • Long-form, and short-form readings

  • Clarity of ability

  • Tuning-in with intention

  • Professional evaluation

  • Advanced interpretation

  • Attunement to the Highest

  • Clarity of awareness

  • Advanced symbolism

  • Psychometry practice

  • Evidential Mediumship



Full Home Study Mediumship/Psychic Certification Training Course

This is a home study course.


  • This course is divided into four parts.

  • Training materials included.​

  • The Certification Weekend will be offered in-person in Lily Dale.​

Part 1 - Spiritual Unfoldment
Part 2 - Spiritual Self-Awareness
Part 3 - Mediumship: 12 Lessons - Home Study
Part 4 - Advanced Mediumship Preparation in Evidential Mediumship and Advanced Mediumship Certification Weekend (Three Days)

Total investment for the Private Course Certification Program is $1696 (plus tax if in NYS and $15 shipping in the USA)


Private One-on-one Mediumship/Psychic Certification Training Course (One Week) with Patricia Price

One week course in Cassadaga and Lily Dale, NY with in August

  • This course is divided into 4 parts.

  • Training materials included.​

  • The Certification Weekend will be offered in-person in Cassadaga and Lily Dale.​

Part 1 - Spiritual Unfoldment
Part 2 - Spiritual Self-Awareness
Part 3 - Mediumship: 12 Lessons -  
Part 4 - Advanced Evidential Mediumship and Certification Weekend 

Total investment for the Private Course Certification Program is $10,000


Need help? We offer a mentor service for all students to assure a successful and enriching learning experience.

​​Rena Cohen is a Certified Advanced Medium, Theta Healer Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher and perpetual Student of Life. She received her Mediumship Certification from the Trilogy Institute in 2007. Based in southern California, Rena's students are nationwide as well as international.

As a Mentor and Master Instructor for the Trilogy Institute's Mediumship/Psychic Home Study Course, Rena's "soul" intention is to support YOU and offer assistance for your Highest and Best.

*Mentoring appointments are available by phone at 650-219-3020 or by email: $22/Hr*

​​Rena Cohen
Master Instructor/Mentor


Patricia Gallet is a graduate, Mentor and Master Instructor with Trilogy Institute's Mediumship Program, a member of the Lily Dale Mediums' League in New York and an ordained interfaith minister. A generational medium with doctorates in Metaphysics and Divinity; Patricia is a user friendly resource for all aspects of mediumship.


“If you desire to provide proof, assurance and healing that life continues after physical death for the benefit of yourself and others and have questions or would be an honor and pleasure to assist you.”

*Currently based in California she can be reached on Skype,, or 951-496-5888. $25/Hr*



​​Patricia Gallet
Master Instructor/Mentor


Becky Walkom is a Certified Medium, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.  She is a big believer that everyone can connect with spirit and their intuition.  


As a Master Instructor for the Trilogy Institute, Becky will help you release blocks and doubt - allowing you to serve spirit with ease.  


*Based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada  Contact by email: or text: 519-274-5539.

Becky Walkom
Master Instructor/Mentor



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