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This course of study is no longer available as it once was.. 

Patricia Price is semi-retired and writing books about Mediumship Development. See Amazon for more information. If you would like certification please follow the instructions below. 

Patricia can mentor you to your goal in mediumship. Tell her what your goal is and sign up for 30 minutes or an hour of phone or zoom mentoring. 

Mediumship | Psychic Development & Certification

This home study course is a 4-part series including the testing certification weekend in Cassadaga with daily field trips to Lily Dale, NY (usually held in July or August of each year).  The course’s foundation is the Intuitive Linking Method, a self-awareness experience in mediumship and psychic development, and a fine tuning of your inner senses.  It is an easily learned mental skill using the right-side of your brain, increasing your awareness, power and productivity.  This technique enables individuals to increase their personal effectiveness and peace of mind.  Patricia and her co-teachers can teach you exactly how the process works, and how to use it for yourself.  Lengthy training is not necessary! 


Through the practice and use of concentration, special breathing rhythms, complete relaxation and naturally heightened awareness, you can work with both sides of the brain in perfect integration, accessing energy patterns and perceptions that you had previously ignored – consciously or unconsciously.  This means you no longer need to limit the full potential of your life and your intuitive awareness.


Completion of all 4-parts of this Mediumship | Psychic Development home study program certifies you with the Trilogy Institute.

Purchase 4 workbooks on Amazon. You will receive some links and at least 8 digital recordings from Patricia.  It is an option, not required for you to join the practice sessions on Facebook and Zoom. You may graduate in-person or by Zoom. Talk with Patricia for details.



All home study courses are non-returnable and refundable.

There is no program start time or end time, you move at your own pace as you are ready.

Part One: Spiritual Unfoldment


This home study course is designed for you to learn to use your intuitive abilities to unfold your higher-self. Everyone has these abilities, but few understand how they can be used to empower and improve the quality of life for one’s self and for others.

This course explores the Intuitive Linking Method:  Meditation, concentration, visualization auras, vibration awareness, telepathy, higher self-awareness, psychometry, dowsing and pendulums, multi-dimensional awareness, automatic writing, inspirational writing and symbolism of color and numerology.


Course Includes: 

  • 3 instructional digital recordings.

  • 1 Workbook (Practical Tools to Develop Your Intuitive Abilities) purchase on Amazon.

  • Monthly Zoom Group Gallery Message opportunity 7PM Eastern Time, one Thursday per month, optional.

  • After finishing Parts 1 and Part 2 and starting Part 3 there is an opportunity to do practice readings on our FB page and teach at the Thursday Gallery class, attending and teaching is optional.



Part Two: Mediumship 12 Lessons


This home study course is designed to increase your knowledge of mediumship and communication with Spirit.  It includes a series of questions and answers, and many exercises to develop your awareness of your connection to higher vibratory information.


This course explores:  Mental and Physical Mediumship, Ancient and Modern Spiritualism, Light Trance and Inspirational Speaking/Writing, Rescue of Lost and Ignorant Souls, Spiritual Healing, Electro-mortal Healing, Magnetic Healing and Universal Source Healing, Home Circles, Spirit Bands and much more.


Course Includes:

  • 1 Workbook (Mediumship 12 Lessons & Many Exercises) Purchase this on Amazon

  • Monthly Zoom Group Gallery Message opportunity 7PM Eastern Time on one Thursday per month, optional.You will also have an opportunity to teach a short Mediumship enhancement lesson lead a meditation for the group, if you would like.

  • After finishing Parts 1 and Part 2 and starting Part 3 there is an opportunity to do practice readings on our FB page and teach in the Gallery class. ( reading on this page, attending the Gallery and teaching is optional).


*Part Two is successfully completed by providing a 20-minute phone reading to a client unknown to the student, arranged by Patricia or her assistant. The reading must include at least one indicator of evidence of a deceased loved and be uplifting, positive and helpful to the client. The reading is evaluated by the client and the teacher.  We will use the long form evaluation in this workbook. When the criteria are met then you will be welcome to do practice readings on our Facebook page. You have as many chances to do this successfully as you need. If you wish to have only the Psychic Certification this requirement is not necessary.



Part Three: Spiritual Self-Awareness


This home study course is designed for experiencing and using those skills that were presented in Part One, Spiritual Unfoldment using the Intuitive Linking Method.  Guided exercises are used to take you step-by-step into an awareness of your True-self and your intuitive abilities.  Patricia has been given several techniques that will accelerate your ability to use your intuition to unfold your highest potential. Learn to help yourself and others to improve the quality of life on this planet. You will be surprised by your abilities.


Course Includes:

  • 4 Meditation Recordings

  • 1 Workbook (Meditation and Awareness Exercises) Purchase this on Amazon.

  • Assigned 20-minute phone reading.

  • Monthly Zoom Group Gallery Message opportunity one Thursday per month 7PM Eastern Time, optional.

  • After finishing Parts 1 and Part 2 and starting Part 3 there is an opportunity to do practice readings on our FB page, optional. 


*Part Three is successfully completed by submitting all course materials from Part One, Two and Three (workbook notations, experience journals and any question/answers). You can submit them by email photos and/or typing them out. Patricia will provide full instructions at the time you are ready to move onto Part Four, review your course work, and confirm your participation in the Certification Weekend.  When the current year’s Mediumship Certification Weekend is planned, you will receive a full schedule of events.  (Certification weekend is typically held in July or August and your participation must be confirmed at least two full months prior. Email or Text Patricia for confirmation of your attendance). Zoom attendance will be on a separate date in July or August.



Part Four: Advanced Evidential Mediumship &Certification Weekend

This course is part home study and part in-person or Zoom session, discussion, new learning and evidential practice.  The Certification Weekend is held in July or August of each year in Cassadaga with field trips to Lily Dale, NY.  Part Four is an intensive program, including advanced techniques in spiritual attunement and intuitive perceptions. Practical experience and evaluation are part of this class. After an individual conference, Patricia reserves the right to postpone any participant's continuation. A quiz and exam, and two full in-person or Zoom readings, for people unknown to the participant, as well as one Gallery (Standup) evidential Mediumship Message are required for certification. 100% mastery is required for graduation. Personal growth and/or certification can be the results for you.


The home study workbook and exercises are intended to sharpen your evidential mediumship. The in-person learning occurs during Certification Weekend in Cassadaga, NY with field trips into Lily Dale, NY each day.


This course explores:  The business of Mediumship (charging money for readings and reasons not to charge), a review of all course materials, Natural Universal Law and Mediumship, Readings vs. Messages, Gallery (Stand-Up) Mediumship and much more!


If you feel that you need more supervised guidance with written evaluations and private 20 minute phone or Zoom conversations from Patricia, these can be arranged for $80 per session.



This Course Includes:

  • 1 Workbook that you purchase on Amazon.

  • Participation in the Certification Weekend learning, exercises and events

    • Two One-on-One 20 minute Readings, with at least One Evidential Message

    • Gallery (Standup Mediumship) with at least One Evidential Message

  • Ongoing participation in the Monthly Zoom Group Mediumship Development Class (with Patricia held once the month at 7PM ET), if you choose, optional.

  • Ongoing opportunity to provide student readings on the Trilogy Free Readings Facebook Group Page, if you choose, optional. Many graduates have set up clients from this page for private, paid readings.





The Complete Mediumship/Psychic Development &

Certification Course (All Four Parts)


Part One: Spiritual Unfoldment

Part Two:  Mediumship 12 Lessons

Part Three: Spiritual Self-Awareness

Part Four: Advanced Evidential Mediumship & Certification Weekend


$1746.00 due after application approval, this fee includes $50 for the certificate when you graduate. Workbooks are an extra cost and are ordered online separately.

                       You may wish to pay after the application is approved, part by part.

                       This plan is available:

                        Part 1  $298

                        Part 2  $398

                        Part 3  $498

                        Part 4  $598

Workbooks for each part are available online and

 are ordered and paid for separately.



Payment must be made by check or money order and US Postal Service mailed to:


Trilogy Institute, Patricia Price

PO Box 215

Lily Dale, NY. 14752


(716) 595-3008  or (note it is four #1s and three #4s)


I look forward to working with you !

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