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Ministerial Enhancement & Ordination

This home study course designed for individuals that may already be ordained, planning to be ordained, thinking about ordination into the ministry or just interested in broadening their understanding of ministry.  Ministering to others in celebration or in time of crisis is an age-old occupation.  You must have heard your call to ministry, otherwise you would not be interested in this training!


This is a wonderful course for you on your path of spiritual unfoldment.  The course is also designed to be completed over one-year however, many students complete it in less time, or more time – whatever is right timing and pace for the individual student.  Each lesson has an experience page that suggests observations you can make in the field that will enhance your learning. At the end of each lesson focus you will answer questions that point to what you need to know for an open book test, usually given in May or June each year, following completion of the program.


Subjects Covered Include:

  • Leading Praise, Worship, and Celebration

  • Children-Naming and Dedication Service

  • Spiritual Education for Adults and Children

  • Family Relationship Challenges

  • Home Blessings

  • Ceremony of Celebration to Acknowledge Spirituality

  • Celebration of Spiritual Holidays in the Yearly Calendar

  • Sickness and Accident Victims

  • Death of the Physical Body

  • Spiritual Aspect of Trinity of Humankind (Body, Mind, Spirit)

  • Ministering in Joy, Ministering in Sorrow

  • Your Spiritual Path

  • Ordination (I am, I desire, or I desire to wait until my calling)

  • Your Purpose in Ministering to Others

  • Weddings

  • Spiritual Unfoldment

  • Serving at Public Meetings as a Minister

  • Serving as a Spiritual Counselor


Course Includes:

  • 1 Workbook (Ministerial Enhancement Training)

  • Open Book Exam (12 questions, one from each lesson)

  • Optional meetings in Lily Dale, NY offer opportunities to participate in these activities with guidance from a teacher.

  • Optional “Ceremonies” and “Spiritual Healing for Pets” workshops offered over the Ordination Weekend (usually held the weekend closest to Summer Solstice)

  • Optional Participation in Ordination Weekend (see Ordination Information below)

  • Optional participation in a monthly Universal Spiritual Circle, usually held the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30PM (all are welcome, whether participating in this course or not).


Required Texts to be purchased separately:

       By Rev. Joanne Copley-Nigro, PhD


*This course is successfully completed by submitting all course work, experience journals and materials for review to Patricia and/or Amy and permission is received to declare your intent to be ordained or not.


Complete Application for Approval


Before purchasing, complete the application and Patricia will connect with you for a discussion about your interest.

Ministerial Enhancement Training

$599.00     Tuition

$  30.00     Shipping & Handling

Shipped: $629.00, Digital: $599.00     Total for non-residents of New York State

Shipped: $679.32, Digital: $646.92     Total for residents of New York State (includes 8% sales tax)

All payments accepted: PayPal, credit card by phone with Patricia, personal check and cash.


Optional Ordination Ceremony Information

Ordination is optional after completing the Ministerial Enhancement course.  You may choose to be ordained in the Interfaith and/or as a Spiritualist.  Please read this information carefully and in its entirety. 


Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle, Interfaith Ordination Ceremony

Ordination Weekend is held on the Sunday closest to the Summer Solstice each year on the Vortex at the shores of Middle Cassadaga Lake, Stockton, NY.


Ordination Certificate Fee:  $33 (due at time of ordination or before)


The Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle, like many traditional churches today, uses the Order of Melchizedek as a principle for our ordination. The Ancient Order of Melchizedek refers to the clergy being called to service rather than because they were born into the appropriate family lineage in the New Aeon. We also use the Ancient Order of Isis as a principle for our ordinations. This Order teaches that beauty and truth are sacred and that one enhances the other. As one finds awareness in beauty, one is given awareness in truth and as one finds awareness in truth one is given awareness of beauty.  This was taught through thousands of years of history throughout Egypt and Mesopotamia and into Greece. Even on the North American continent the principles of truth and beauty are linked and taught by the ancient Pueblo, Hopi and the Navajo Peoples.  We correlate truth and beauty.


As a spiritual leader, you may be called Minister, Priest, Priestess, Reverend, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Rabbi, Teacher or other appropriate titles.  Those being ordained are allowed to legally marry couples and must check with the town clerk of the wedding location to determine if they need to register in that city, county or state. All ceremonies, except weddings, do not need ordination or legal status.

If you choose to be ordained in this Interfaith Ministry, it means you are called to live Love and Teach love. 


(vist for more information)


City of Light Spiritualist Church, Spiritualist Ordination Ceremony

Ordination Weekend is held on the Sunday closest to the Summer Solstice in Lily Dale, NY. The location may be Inspirational Stump, the Pet Healing Gazebo or the Boat House depending on the weather and number of attendees.  This ceremony is often held after the Sanctuary of the Universal Spiritual Circle’s ceremony.


The City of Light Spiritualist Church, Spiritualist ordination requirements are listed on their website and you are encouraged, if you have not done so already to review these requirements and connect with Head Pastor, Rev. Joanne Copley-Nigro. 


Additional course work, provided by the church to be completed before ordination, as well as ordination certificate fees do apply.

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