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This course of study is no longer available. 

Patricia Price is semi-retired and writing books about Spiritual Healing. See Amazon and the Lily Dale Assembly Book Store for more information. 

Church Style Spiritual Healing

This home study course designed to prepare students to serve as channels for Spiritual Healing – in a church, healing temple or privately and personally.  All people, animals, places and things are open layers of energy that are constantly interacting with the environment and everyone and thing in it.  Spiritual Healing is a form of mediumship and a technique used to channel higher source energy to a person, animal, group or area to enhance healing, for the highest and best only.  All healing is self-healing and Spiritual Healing is founded on the truth that we may enhance healing for all.


Course Includes:

  • 1 Workbook (Church Style Spiritual Healing)

  • 2 CDs


*This course is successfully completed after submitting all required course work and evaluations of healing sessions for review by Patricia or a co-teacher. After submitting your course work, you will demonstrate spiritual healing with Patricia or a co-teacher before learning that you have completed the course successfully with the Trilogy Institute.


You may also apply to be a certified spiritual healer with the City of Light Spiritualist Church.  Additional requirements and fees apply.  Please visit for more information.


Complete Application for Approval


Before purchasing, complete the application and Patricia will connect with you for a discussion about your interest.

All home study courses are non-returnable and non-refundable.


$75.00          Tuition

$30.00          Shipping & Handling

Shipped: $105.00, Digital: $75.00       Total for non-residents of New York State

Shipped: $113.40, Digital: $81.00       Total for residents of New York State (includes 8% sales tax)


All payments accepted: PayPal, credit card by phone with Patricia, personal check and cash.


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